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How I Get More People to Read My Articles

A short brainstorm on my current thoughtsI’m currently moving my business to the international online market and I want to find the best way to move forward. I want to create valuable content for my readers that inspire and at the same time grow my business and my own knowledge. I want to use article marketing, because I’ve had success in the past publishing articles many years back. Now I’m at the beginning at something new and I want to grab a successful strategy, that I know work. This has led me to publish articles again and I’m now wondering how to make the best of it as an author.What is my goal and how will I define the important question I will find an answer to?My goal is to gain a lot of readers to my articles to test out my article template.So the question I will ask myself and find the answer to is the following:

What do I need to focus on to gain more readers to my articles?
What does my current situation look like in order get more people to read my articles?Right now I’m focusing on creating articles using my own template. I’ve chosen to write in the self-improvement category, to be more specific and to target those readers that want to improve them self. I’m thinking about sticking to my consulting method, because of the opportunities that will arise. These opportunities will be something that only reveals them self once I start writing the articles. This makes the writing a lot of fun, to me and hopefully the method will inspire people to take action and use the method them self or maybe they will think about other ways to reach their goals.What alternatives can I come up with to get more people to read my articles?Now I’m going to list all the alternative things that comes to mind.

I could be even more specific with my target group

I could make internal links between the articles

I could test out different templates

I could write more articles

I could drive paid traffic to the articles

I could post the articles on a Facebook page

I could do more Search Engine Optimization to have the articles show up in the search engines

I could find Self-improvement forums and link the articles if it is suitable and would provide value for the community

I could link from my website to the articles

I could pimp my profile to make my membership more interesting

I could get more subscribers
A recap of what I gained from this consultation so farA lot of opportunities emerged so I’m quite confident on how to get more people to read my articles. I have a lot of alternative opportunities to seize and it really makes me feel good thinking about it. I look forward to continue with the action step. I should come back to this article to view some of the other opportunities, now that so many have emerged.What action do I need to take to get more people to read my articles?What is the next step?

I’m going to create a Facebook page, so I can create my own community to go along with my business and then post a link to my articles there once they have been approved.
How will I remember what to do?I’m going to write it in my calendar and start creating the Facebook page right away.When will I do it?I’ll do right after I’ve sent this article for approval.Who will hold me accountable and will the consequence be of breaking my promise?A friend will hold me accountable and after I tell him about my plan. If it is not done, tonight, I’ll buy him dinner.How did I experience this consultation on how I get more people to read my articles?I think it was a great consultation. I cleared my mind and got really inspired. I’ll definitely use this article structure again next time I write an article.